Kit Alimentador Regulable 1,3 a 30Vcc

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Kit Alimentador Regulable 1,3 a 30Vcc

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  • Kit Alimentador Regulable 1,3 a 30Vcc
  • Fuente de alimentación regulable para montar en Kit, tambien se sumistra montada y probada por 5 euros mas del precio
    • Description
    • Kit Model: POW-T
    • PCB size: 69 * 50mm
    • Electrical parameters:
    • DC input:5-35V
    • AC input:6-25V
    • DC output:1.3-30V
    • Maximum current: 1A
    • Minimum differential pressure: 3V
    • Kit features:
    • 1. Input and output interfaces complete Two input interface, to three output interface (main output, two auxiliary outputs), the main output interface connected to the banana plug clip line, more convenient to use.
    • 2. Increase a transistor for load protection
    • LM317T adjustable power supply, often due to poor contact so that the output of the potentiometer voltage rises and burned the load transistor to be made in this case to protect the load.
    • 3. the heatsink dimensions of 30 * 25 * 30mm, LM317T provide sufficient cooling area.
    • 4. PCB four corners with studs plus nut fixing, making installation easier, place more stable.
    • Features
    • With excellent connectors: two inputs and three outputs (a main and two auxiliary outputs). It's more convenient to operate when the main output is connected to the Banana jack.
    • Adding a transistor to support load protection. Even the regulated power supply can be adjusted by LM317T, the load will be burned with the poor contact of potentiometer. Then a transistor can play an important role to support the load protection at this time.
    • The heat sink, with the dimensions of 30*25*30mm, provides LM317T with enough area of dissipation.
    • Four corners of PCB are fixed with copper cylinder and nuts. It makes the installation more convenient and the placement more stable.
    • Specification
    • Suite Type?POW-T PCB Dimensions?69*50mm
    • DC IN ?5?35V AC Input?6?25V
    • DC COUT?1.3?30V Max. Current?1A
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