Controlador Decodificador RGB tiras Leds

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Controlador Decodificador RGB tiras Leds

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Controlador Decodificador RGB para tiras Leds

  • Description:
  • High Power DMX Decoder driver
  • Model: PX24500 RJ45 interface
  • Meets DMX512/1990
  • Can drive 5A (Each CH)
  • Can drive many kinds of LED lamps
  • Features
  • Meets DMX512/1990
  • 256-level brightness, full-color control
  • 3 output CH., can drive 5A(Each CH.)
  • With control system, can express perfect effect
  • Can drive 1~3 channel of each lamp
  • Can set the DMX address freely
  • High interference resistant, over-heat and over-current protect, self- recovery function available
  • Can be custom-made
  • Decode CH.:1~3
  • Input Signal:DMX-512/1990 digital signal
  • Output Signal:0~24V PWM signal, can drive 5A(Each CH.)
  • Power Supply:DC,+12~25V
  • Power Dis.:<1W
  • Power Output:<360W (24V) ;< 180W (12V)
  • Operating Temp.:0~70
  • Size:175(mm)*45(mm)*35(mm),can be custom-made
  • Weight:?300g

Typical Applications Address setting interface How to use See "DMX series of addresses dial code table" Addresses dial code table of DMX series DC 12-24V input,supply power for decoder and the lamps it takes. Driver output interface Common anode,V+ and R,G,B interface?can drive kinds of RGB module or single-color module, Can regulate output current according to the actual load.
Remark: Connect the anode and RGB wire of common anode RGB module to the output interface of decoder directly; Connect the anode wire of single-color module to V+ on decoder,and connect the cathode wire to one of RGB pin according to the LED's color; Connect several colors single-color module to one decoder,please connect their anode wires to V+ pin on decoder.
Connecting of DMX-512 Signal DMX signal cable used the CAT-5 cable or three-core shielded cable?and DMX signal has the positive(+) pole and negative (-) pole. While welding the DMX signal cable plug,there must pay much attention to distinguish between postive(+) and negative(-), and then connect the DMX512 signal cable with the corresponding input interface of PX24506 correctly.
Connect a signal terminal at the end of the whole connetion(To be PX24506 DIP switches set aside under section 10 can)